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The purpose of this website is to market and sell a variety of music self-help books under the "Musician's Field Manual" trademark. As content is added, the books will be displayed as thumbnails. Clicking on the thumbnail will result in a larger picture with shopping cart apparatus, enabling the visitor to then make the chosen purchase/s.

This is a brand new website, being built by a "newbie" webmaster. So please check back frequently! We'll have product for sale soon.

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 to go to the MUSICIAN'S FIELD MANUALS image gallery! This section will contain thumbnails of each Musician's Field Manual music book, including sample pages for your viewing convenience. When you click on the thumbnail, it will be enlarged and contain shopping cart apparatus, allowing you to choose the desired quantity, and place your order. We'll be diligently adding content, so be sure to check back from time to time.


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